Wifed Up Queen Erica Campbell reveals she had just ended her engagement to another gentlemen when she met future husband Warryn Campbell. She tells Trinity Broadcasting Network’s popular program, Praise the Lord,

 When I met him, I had just come out of being somebody’s fiancé and it was the wrong thing and my pastor was asking me ‘Why are you in such a rush? Trust God. Trust God. Wait on God.'”


Erica was not only engaged but the wedding ceremony was pretty much planned…….all the way down to the food.

“I had a dress. I had a church. My girlfriends had all given me money for their dresses. Photographer. Caterer. I had everything and said, ‘Lord, um [Is this him?],’ and the Lord was quiet.”

She speaks of how she overcame the embarrassment she felt regarding canceling the wedding.

“It was beautiful people of God around me that talked to me, and so I had the guts to give him his ring back, call it off, and go back home.” “I was so embarrassed.”


Erica & Husband Warryn

 Erica admits she did not consult with God prior to accepting the wedding proposal and that was her biggest mistake. However, after the engagement was called off, she kept her faith in love and marriage by clinging to the scripture Proverbs 18:22, which reads,

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.”

This Queen learned from her mistake and made a couple of promises to herself:

And so I promised myself that the next guy that I met, that if he wasn’t my he that findeth, I was like Lord, don’t let me fall in love, don’t let me like him, don’t let me take his number Jesus, nothing.”



In 2001 Erica married her intended soul mate, Mr. Warryn Campbell and they now have 3 beautiful children!

Wives in waiting can learn a valuable lesson from Mrs. Campbell. Pray about the relationship you are in or hope to be in. Ask God to send you a husband instead of running yourself crazy trying to find him yourself. Listen to that little voice inside that tells you something is not right.

Get Wifed Up…..Better Life With a Wife!